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Dr Lee and Dr Tan both honed their surgical craft at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), starting together as young surgical trainees in General Surgery in 2004. Life as a surgical trainee was notoriously tough, with long hours at work and never-ending nights on call. From helping each other with surgeries late into the night, to writing book chapters and sharing tales and experiences at the end of a tough day, the training years were exhausting but rewarding.

About Surgical Associates

After completing their subspecialty training overseas, Dr Lee in the United States and Dr Tan in the United Kingdom, they both returned to SGH as consultant surgeons. Armed with new skills and knowledge, they eagerly applied them to improve patient care and shared their knowledge with others.

They also continued to work together to provide multi-disciplinary care to their patients, including performing combined one-stage minimally invasive liver and colorectal surgery for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer to the liver.

Having surgeons with these two different skill sets meant that patients can undergo two major surgeries in the same setting. This gives the advantage of a single and shorter hospital stay and the patient also do not have to suffer the pain and inconvenience twice. Importantly, they are also able to recover faster and start chemotherapy earlier for optimal control of their cancer.

Moving into private practice together, Dr Lee and Dr Tan aim to continue providing multi-disciplinary care to their patients. The synergy in their partnership will drive their continual pursuit of excellence and ensure that their patients receive the best care possible.

“Minimally invasive surgery is technically demanding with a steep learning curve, but to us, the benefits it offers - faster recovery and less pain for our patients - has made it a worthwhile pursuit for us”